I was eating cereal when it happened. The ground seemed to shake and the longest of the branches on the trees quivered, but so slightly that I barely noticed. It was quite a scene–me, in my sweatpants, spilling milk all down my shirt while I shoveled shredded wheat into my mouth. But the view outside of my window was better: a giant version of my cereal bowl, full of windows with shapes looking out of them. I ran a hand through my short blonde hair and stared outwards, glaring at the giant thing.
The giant alien spaceship. We’ve all seen pictures of UFOs, right? This was exactly that, a dome shaped roof and a larger dome-shaped bottom, triangular windows and flashing lights. I had two immediate thoughts, one being what’s happening? ┬áBut the second thought was a lot more important. I raced to my room, turned on the lights, and sprinted to my top dresser drawer. I rummaged through and then started digging with all my might, throwing papers aside without a care in the world. I couldn’t believe I’d lost it, I couldn’t believe it was gone, I couldn’t have lost it, where did it go?
“James.” a voice came from the doorway, startling me practically out of my skin. I froze, sweating, shaking. My heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest.
“We know who you are.”
How did they know?
“You must come with us.”
A true hero at this point would not have surrendered. A true hero, at this point, would have stood up, said ‘no!’ and promptly swallowed the small rock they had stolen from the planet bu-karmankine when they were there on an expedition with NASA way back in 2087. But I am not a true hero, and I couldn’t find what they were looking for. So I began to improvise.
“Right.” I turned around.
When I looked at the alien, I was unsurprised. I had seen the likes of them on bu-karmankine, and they were pretty ugly. They looked like humans, but with twisted faces and long limbs and short torsos and tentacles sticking out of every possible place you can imagine. Actually, don’t imagine, because they are NOT attractive. It’s gross. Anyways, I knew this particular alien. Its name was Carson, and it had led us on our expedition when I had gone to bu-karmankine. He was a general, a soldier, and he had somehow made his way into my room.
“You have what is ours,” he said, in his slightly robotic voice. Instead of trembling in fear, I sat down. And I started laughing.
“I don’t,” I said.
“You are a crook,” the alien said. “Give us what is ours.”
“No.” I answered. It’s true, I am a crook, that’s why I got fired from NASA. But in twenty years… that rock is going to be worth so much. I guess that’s why NASA told none of us to take it. Because it was so valuable. But I did, and now I will be rich.
The alien backwards on its hip, tentacles flared up. “Then you leave us no choice,” and then there was a bag over my head and I couldn’t see. And I passed out.